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Writing a Drama Title in an Essay

Writing a Drama Title in an EssayThe key to an effective essay in the field of fiction is to have it come from within the character of the story. After all, we want our work to be about what our characters are like and not about how we portray them. Because our characters are real people who live their lives, we want to make it clear that they have been through a lot of bad things but also the fact that in the end their actions and feelings have brought them to where they are now.When we write a story we usually can see these moments as being similar to 'by way of metaphor.' This is because the character will have experienced some kind of trauma or pain but in the end are able to come out on the other side and do something positive for themselves and the story as a whole.So, what if your character had experienced a catastrophe in the past and you were able to place this within the story so that it became an example of by way of metaphor? Then you may ask yourself what could this cata strophe have been? Many students have used this in their work to reflect on what could happen to one person that could have taken their lives and caused the story of the storyteller to be changed.If we really use this example as part of a mystery then you might think of a situation where your character is being asked by an audience member to reveal the most important secret of their life. Then there would be nothing unusual about a character who is asked to spill the beans on some personal details that they should not share with the rest of the world.However, this is about the extent to which a character would spill the beans. You should use this example because it shows that sometimes just a little bit of information that is often used by the characters in a story, can affect a character in a way that can have a dramatic effect.In reality, this situation is unlikely to happen in the real world where many characters simply do not know how to keep their secrets. They may be forced to do so but if you use this example you might be able to look at a character in the same way.When you are writing a drama title in an essay, it can often come from what the character is feeling and experiencing. When you are able to combine this with a good amount of analysis and reflection then you can bring the story to life in a way that will be more convincing.

Unit 13&14 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Unit 13 - Essay Example The film scenario exemplified Andrew being discriminated from undertaking his responsibilities as a lawyer upon the discovery of his affliction. Besides being unfairly and unjustly prejudiced towards his condition, the case affected senior management, who wrongfully dismissed him, and society, in general, who scorned people afflicted with the disease. The lawyer, who Andrew initially approached to defend him, Joe Miller, played by Denzel Washington, was first apprehensive to take the case given the sensitivity of the issues. As it turned out, the court ruled in favor of Andrew and ordered the firm to award him for damages for wrongful dismissal. It is fortunate for Beckett to have been remunerated for the discrimination case filed in court. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (2008) â€Å"proving a discrimination claim is inherently difficult, since the elements of proof are generally in the hands of the defendant, i.e. the employer† (5). Most victims choose to ignore the matter of filing appropriate cases due to the costs involved in pursuing discrimination cases. Regular-average-everyday Americans can make a profound difference to transform this country by acts of random kindness to others. With no thought of reward, the Good Samaritan in the Bible stops to help a man who has been beaten and robbed. That is the essence of an altruistic act: unselfishly giving help when it is needed, no strings attached. If each and every American believes in simple, unselfish acts, then each would be instrumental in making this nation a more conscientious one. Most men do some thing or behave in a certain way because we expect to get a reward for doing so. Naturally, one does not do something because the cost of doing it would be great. The leadership model that must be manifested in contemporary societies should assist in transforming the society through focusing on encouraging others

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Vietnam Essay Topics - Things You Need to Know Before Writing

Vietnam Essay Topics - Things You Need to Know Before WritingWhen deciding which Vietnam essay topics to write for college, students need to consider several factors before coming up with a topic. The most important factor is to come up with something that they are passionate about and can easily relate to.Before writing a Vietnam essay, it is important to decide what your topic is going to be. There are two popular Vietnam essay topics - making movies in Vietnam and the Vietnam War. While these two may sound similar, there are major differences in the content of each topic.Making Movies in Vietnam - This Vietnam history lesson covers many types of entertainment in Vietnam. From the movies you see on TV to the television shows, they are all found here. You will learn how this country grew up and how it came to be the way it is today. Plus, you will get to learn about some of the great Vietnamese movies and a lot more of the cultural aspects of Vietnam.Vietnam War - This Vietnam essay topic includes many things in one story. To make a movie in Vietnam, you will need to study everything you would learn about Hollywood and how people get things done in the United States and what happens during a war.Essay Topics that cover both Vietnam and the Vietnam War are becoming increasingly popular. They are a good idea for those who want to go back and talk about a history class, Vietnam film or television show, or even a specific movie.Since Vietnam was at war for three years, Vietnam essay topics will include Vietnam films, writing books about Vietnam, and the war itself. You will also need to cover a lot of history and some current events that will help make your Vietnam history class interesting. Most students enjoy a topic that is meaningful to them, so you should feel free to select something that will interest you. There are many ways to find Vietnam essay topics to help you get through your college curriculum. Your best bet is to use a university guidebook to find some great topics to use for your upcoming class.

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The Upside to Best Essay Writing Service Review

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They turn to our company to create their college life a little simpler. The Tried and True Method for Best Essay Writing Service Review in Step by Step Detail All UK dissertation writing service have to experience the process of being critiqued. So you also should select the exact exciting subject. When you're into management study, it is genuinely not feasible to skip writing assignment about it. Study of management grants you the important keys to success.

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The War Against How Old Should References Be for a Research Paper

The War Against How Old Should References Be for a Research Paper The Supreme Strategy to How Old Should References Be for a Research Paper As soon as it is neither necessary nor desirable to give a full-blown review of the literature for a prelude to the study, it helps to situate the study within some bigger field of enquiry. The subject of your paper and the selected literature ought to be adjacent. Consider literature that you reference in a specific paper. A superb research paper addresses a particular research question. Machine Learning is the procedure of gaining knowledge from previous data, and using that knowledge to produce future predictions. Writing a thriving research paper is not simple work. The target of a literature review is to provide the reader a crucial evaluation of the factual state of the investigation conducted on a certain topic. In addition to picking your subject, you also need to decide on a target audience. Now let's look at the significant kinds of research tools that you're able to see in the library (many of which can be obtained from different locations by your campus computer network). If placed in the appropriate context, referencing different people's research is not ever an indication your work is substandard or lacks originality. The standard and trustworthiness of locating most of your research material for a paper like that, nevertheless, is highly suspect. There are three major kinds of academic resources for research papers. If needed, you can supply the list of the principal keywords of your paper, it is going to help different people should they need to seek out your work in internet databases but you ought to use only keywords that describe your research in an appropriate way. In this kind of situation, you can want to search for an institution that might be in a position to supply you access to that literature for those purposes of reviewing the content. How Old Should References Be for a Research Paper Explained Research paper sources can be challenging to locate particularly if you would like the fantastic ones. Standard Research Tools On your college campus is a fantastic building you can not be that acquainted with. It, however, is a very broad term that can be broken down into several cate gories. Libraries usually provide online tutorials about how to use the databases, and library staff may also help you use them. Citing the access to an electronic document should give the reader enough information to understand where to track down the file and, if needed, the particular part of the file cited. If there are a number of authors for a single source, alphabetize the entry in line with the very first author's last name. Each source has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to find out whether the info in it's timely and relevant. When writing the citation, you do not have to cite the secondary source if you're not employing some information from it. What You Don't Know About How Old Should References Be for a Research Paper Citing can take plenty of time and it isn't a very simple matter but it's one of the important things which you must take care of to be able to make your work complete and worth a high evaluation! Your references don't still will need to be at the company to supply a reference for your work there. Try to remember, too, that you require other sorts of references as well as supervisors. If you're able to chance upon an article that's available and recent, scroll to the references section for other related paper. When revising a paper, it is beneficial to watch out for the most typical mistakes (Table 2). As you are going to learn from looking through any great research paper example, writing a good paper involves so far more than simply throwing a lot of text and citations into a word processor and hoping for the very best. APA style dictates your paper ought to be double-spaced, and you need to indent the beginning of each paragraph. Things You Won't Like About How Old Should References Be for a Research Paper and Things You Will Similarly, newer fields are going to have fewer published papers which can be referenced. Then you have to compose the rest of the sections. References ought to be used wisely. Adhere to the examples given below and you'll be all set.

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Impact of Social Class on Australians’ Life Chances Essay Example for Free

Impact of Social Class on Australians’ Life Chances Essay Sociologists will define class as categories in the society which are based on income, status, or the way they are viewed by the society. A Marxist analysis on the other hand features on the level of influence an individual has on the means of production. Matthews (2007) further defines a capitalist class which he says that it is the class that owns and controls most of the productive capital in the society. He says that in Australia, this class amounted to 5 % of the entire population in the year 1998. Theories have been developed about class that has resulted to numerous and conflicting ideas and researchers had to shift from using class as a theoretical framework for research. The dismissal of class analysis of various societal institutions as dogmatic, and ideological led McLaren Farahmandpur to state that â€Å"matters of class power are sanitized and its powerful effects on the life chances of working-class students is denuded or made invisible,† (Pearce, Down Moore 2008, para. 2). In Australia, about two thirds of the population is in the working class. These are people whose only productive asset is the ability to work. They sell their labour power to their employers who can range from the state, individual capitalists among others, in order to receive a wage which will enable them make ends meet. Another popular class is the middle class which can be said to be composed of individuals who own small businesses. They rely on their own labour power to produce output. They are however being driven away and into bankruptcy by large capital firms. There still exists the ruling class; they carry more social weight and power than the rest of the citizens. They have a direct influence on economic policies being developed in the nation. They support politicians and government, politically and financially. The state can also be categorized in this class as it is responsible for making and implementation of the law (Matthews 2007). Impact to Education There exists inequality in the access of university education, underachievement in education correlates negatively with the social class. Children from low-income families have limited access to educational resources. Their parents rarely get enough time to help them with their day to day challenges at school as they are so much occupied in their work places. They work even over time in order to sustain their families. Some parents in the working class lack education and therefore they would be of little help to help their children in doing their homework, they would also not be in a position to afford employing tutors and this affects their children’s education (Taylor Fraser 2003). Expectations on the working-class students are that they should conform to the middle-class. They thus seek to achieve this status and power mostly not for their own gain but in order to improve the life chances of others in the similar background. They are more focused in giving back to the community in which they originated rather than seeking their improvement in form of class status. A strong sense of solidarity is evident in these students as they have an increased desire to use their qualifications and professional status to achieve a better life for themselves and others who are like them. They have a passion to bridge the gap between the two classes which they believe that a lot has still to be done as the inequality gap is too large (Lins-Dyer Nucci 2007). The discriminatory education system has unquantifiable damages that are done to individuals and the society at large. People have been left behind in the system, others have been discouraged while yet a quite good proportion has been excluded from the system. It would not be unrealistic to claim that social and economic damage is being done through educational discrimination. When â€Å"Professor Janet McCalman analysed the places where those in the Australian who’s who 1988 went to school,† it was clear that these leaders in business professions and politics went to the older private schools (Moorhouse 2010, p. 1). McGregor (1997), views being in the working-class as being equal to being underprivileged, he asserts that people in this class earn and own less, their access to life privileges is minimal as they have poorer education and other goods from the society. In general, the opportunity that they have for good life is such minimal that with a very small degree of error, we can claim that equal opportunity does not exist in Australia. Impact to Health It is no wonder that health outcomes really vary with the social class. The characteristics of different social classes can be depicted by a view on Morbidity and mortality rates. The lower class shows a greater array of lower mortality rates and greater health problems (Greig, Lewins White, 2003). These differences are very clear and distinct at birth and throughout the human life cycle. Henry (2001) identifies domains in which health disparity issues differ by the social class. They include psychological domain which contains norms habits, and behavioural intentions. The other is listed as behavioural constraints which include economic resources and situational effects. Physical influences that include physiological stress, genetic dispositions and environmental conditions Behavioural constraints involve barriers that prevent one from engaging in health promoting behaviour. These inhibitors are listed by Henry (2001) as economic resources and situation constraints. Economic resources inhibitors are financial limitations that prevent individuals from obtaining health facilities goods, while situational constraints are factors that limit the access to these health facilities. They range from lack of adequate health facilities in the community, poor transportation or lack of proper time management in the utility of such services. Physical influences on the other hand are the conditions which impact physiological health directly. He groups them into environmental conditions, physiological stress and genetics A decline in the health is observed as one move down the classes. The middle class  Public awareness and educational programs can be developed to ensure that health equality is maintained. Social class has taken a critical point in the studies of health, the coronary heart disease for instance had been considered as a disease for the upper class. On the other hand, the lower class (working-class) have been found to have prevalent lower life expectancy, higher mortality rates and increased mental disorders. Inequality in income brings about psychosocial stress which is a factor that increases the mortality rate; it has become apparent that mental illness prevalence has been found among the working class. A direct relationship has been identified to exist between poverty and increase in emotional disturbance. This has led to an increase of psychiatric disorders, drug and alcohol dependence on the working class (Murali Oyebode 2004). According to The Demography of Medical Schools, 59% of applicants in medical school usually come from high social classes. This makes us suspect that a discriminatory rule is being used in the medical institutions. However, admissions procedures in these schools seem to favour certain social classes in comparison to others. Requirements such as previous experience in a hospital are being considered for some medical school administration. This curtails the number of students enrolling to such schools as it proves cumbersome to attain such qualifications for most people in the working class. The access to opportunities has been limited for many students and this explains the reason why such patterns of students’ enrolment are being reflected (The Medical News 2004). The nature of the working class has really changed in Australia with over 65% of the work force being employed in the white-collar jobs. In fact if by defining the working-class as those who have not attended university education, then it can be said that Australia has graduated to the middle-class. It is surprising to note that the vast majority of white-collar jobs holders are part of the working-class. They have less control of their work which is even lower than that of blue-collar workers, consequently implying lower wages (Castles 1994). It is very clear that in Australia class has direct consequences on lifestyle. It affects the access to education and status attainment. A child raised in middle-class is more likely to end up in this middle class and the trend would be similar for a child raised in the middle-class. As we move up the social class, we are able to meet better health, education and other social facilities, which are transmitted to children. The trend thus seems to be perpetuated to future generations. A research conducted by Taylor and Fraser (2003) indicates the existence of a gap between children living in the different classes. The working class end up having stress in Parents relationships as they are unable to provide impeccable opportunities for their children. Children have in fact confessed that class is a factor that lead to social seclusion in academic life, and a contributing factor for educational disadvantage. Life’s chances are in this case affected by the mere fact that one belongs to a certain class that is either favoured or not by circumstances that prevail in the society. In Australia the government together with other institutions should be concerned and implement policies that would narrow the gap that exist between the various social classes. Such policies should focus on issues of adequate family income which will ensure that families have adequate resources to cater for the needs of their children and provide adequate opportunities for them, the welfare of workers should also be taken care of to ensure that each worker gets adequate time to attend to the family needs. In the school setting, policies should be developed to ensure that educational disadvantage has been reduced, and the cost of public education to be maintained as low as possible, to offer equal opportunities for children in all classes.  Affordable assistance should be accorded to specific children with learning difficulties in order to enhance excellence at all levels (Taylor Fraser 2003). Conclusion In conclusion it is very clear that Australia is faced with inequalities and other factors that enhance or inhibit opportunities that are available to children growing in this nation. There exists a challenge which should be looked at by all the policy makers in private and public enterprises, in order to ensure that the life chances of the children are not affected unfairly by the mere fact of belonging to a certain class.

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aids awareness :: Free AIDS Essays

When AIDS first emerged, no-one could have predicted how the epidemic would spread across the world and how many millions of lives it would change. There was no real idea what caused it, and consequently, no real idea how to protect against it. Now, in 2004, we know from bitter experience that AIDS is caused by the virus HIV, and that it can devastate families, communities and whole continents. We have seen the epidemic knock decades off countries’ national development, widen the gulf between rich and poor nations and push already-stigmatized groups closer to the margins of society. We are living in an ‘international’ society, and HIV has become the first truly ‘international’ epidemic, easily crossing oceans and international borders. Just as clearly, experience shows that the right approaches, applied quickly enough with courage and resolve, can and do result in lower national HIV infection rates and less suffering for those affected by the epidemic. Globally, we have learned that if a country acts early enough, a national HIV crisis can be averted. It has also been noted that a country with a very high HIV prevalence rate will often see this rate eventually stabilise, and even decline. This indicates, among other things, that people are beginning to change risky behaviour patterns, because they have seen and known people who have been killed by AIDS. Fear is the worst, and last way of changing people’s behaviour and by the time that this happens it is usually too late to save a huge number of that country’s population. Already, more than twenty million people around the world have died of AIDS-related diseases. In 2004, 3.1 million men, women and children have died. Around twice the amount who have died until now - almost 40 million - are now living with HIV, and most of these are likely to die over the next decade or so. The most recent UNAIDS/WHO estimates show that, in 2004 alone, 4.9 million people were newly infected with HIV. It is disappointing that the global numbers of people infected with HIV continue to rise, despite the fact that effective prevention strategies already exist. Africa It is in Africa, in some of the poorest countries in the world, that the impact of the virus has been most severe. Altogether, there are now 16 countries in Africa in which more than one-tenth of the adult population aged 15-49 is infected with HIV.